Fake Oakleys VS The Real

The idea of smart glasses isn’t new. In fact one of the more prominent examples of smart glasses would be Google Glass. It boasted an interesting premise and had a lot of potential, although safe to say that the hype has died down somewhat. However Foakleys is looking to bring back the trend with its Radar Pace smart Fake Oakleys sunglasses.

However under the hood, there are a pair of removable earphones, a host of sensors which includes an accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer and humidity and proximity sensors, three microphones, and it will also be powered by an Intel chip.

Unfortunately unlike the Google Glass which seems to have some augmented reality leanings, there will not be information overlaid on the lenses of the glasses.

Uses will be able to use features like Siri (if you’re on iOS) or Google Voice for Android users. There will be coaching provide so you can be assisted on your workout for that day. Unfortunately the glasses do not come cheap and are priced at $449 and will be available for purchase come 1st of October.

Replica Oakleys has many nice place vs the real, so we all like the foakleys!

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